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KinderGuides Early Learning Guide to Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey


Blast off into space and time with this illustrated learning guide to one of the most influential Sci-Fi novels of all time. In this beautiful and vast landscape, a story of great wonder takes place that will surely carry you and your child out amongst the stars.

With our simplified, kid-friendly summary and analysis, your child can now tell YOU what Clarke's masterpiece is really about. Be brave with Captain Bowman, be mystified by HAL 9000, and learn a bit about the genius of Arthur C. Clarke through our character and author bios.

More than a picture book, our educational learning guides offer an interactive story time for adult literature fans and their children, or as we like to call them – future lit fans. 

Written by Fredrik Colting and Melissa Medina

Illustrated by Sergiy Maidukov 

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